• Selling a business

    • Step 1 - Selling Your Business

      The decision to sell your business is one of the most important you are likely to make so it is vitally important you receive the very best advice. At GPS we believe in creating long term relationships with our vendors - after all who knows what business you might buy, or sell next!

    • Step 2 - Free Market Appraisal

      We offer a totally free market appraisal of your business, which is of course without any obligation to proceed. We will provide not only advice on likely selling price, but also on target market, current conditions and likely demand.

      We can also help you to prepare your business for the market and a prospective buyer. There is often so many things to consider, many of which are forgotten when you're busy building your business. Are the accounts up to date, staff contracts in place, lease documents to hand? These are just the first things a genuine buyer will want to see, so it’s better to be prepared.

      Finally we can advise on the sale process itself, after all this may be the first time you have sold a business. We can explain all the jargon to you and discuss the legal implications so you feel comfortable with each and every stage.

    • Step 3 - Marketing Plan

      Once you have made that all-important decision to sell, we will prepare and discuss with you the marketing plan. There are various ways a business can be sold and only some may be applicable to your business or wishes. We have numerous web-sites, trade and local newspapers and other journals to hand and we will make sure you are happy with exactly how your business will be presented.

    • Step 4 - Sales Particulars

      The next stage will be to prepare a detailed set of sales particulars for your business and property. These will include colour photographs, a detailed description of the property, location and trading style, as well as financial highlights and of course, the price. We will ask you to approve each section of the sales particulars, so that we know you entirely happy with their contents.

    • Step 5 - Retained Clients

      We are retained by several companies (and increasingly, individuals) to search for suitable businesses and/or premises to help their expansion. Typically such organisations are in the fields of care/nursing homes, hotels, pubs and retail. Should your business fit their exacting criteria, we may be able to sell your business ‘off market’ and at no cost to you.

    • Step 6 - Negotiating A Sale

      Once we have an interested buyer we will use all our experience and skill to negotiate the deal on your behalf. This may be simply a matter of obtaining the best possible price, but there are often other factors to consider, such as timeframe, conditional deals and apportioning sales proceeds.

    • Step 7 - Sales Memorandum

      Once all of the finer details have been negotiated, we will put together and distribute a sales memorandum (or Heads of Terms). This sets out who the relevant parties are, the asset being sold and the conditions of the sale. We will also begin the process of obtaining suitable references for your landlord (leasehold sales only).

    • Step 8 - Working To Exchange

      It can be said that the real work begins only once a buyer is found! From the point at which an offer is received until ‘exchange of contracts’ (when the deal becomes legally binding) we will work with both parties, their solicitors, accountants, landlord (and his/her solicitor), regulators (particularly in the sale of care/nursing homes) and other officials to ensure the deal stays on track.

    • Step 9 - Completion

      The day has arrived! Now we can help you with your next acquisition, or possibly a place in the sun to relax…

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